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 Synthesis of the business plan


 Synthesis of the business plan


SC xxxxxxx SRL, with a subscribed capital of RON 200 was established in 2009 and is registered in the Trade Register with the number xxxxxxx. The company is based in Ocna-Mures, Mihai Eminescu Street and is owned by 2 associates, each holding 50% of the social parts.

The company has as main object the activity of obtaining bakery products and selling them through its own shops. In the first year of operation, the bakery had the following financial results: an average turnover of 6,000 lei per month, a monthly gross profit of 15%, the liquidity rate is very good. The company has contracted a short-term commercial credit that has been fully repaid in 2011 and currently has no ongoing credit.

To reinvest the profit gained during these 3 years of activity, we intend to develop the company’s business in the field of bakery products.

We are proposing – in the first stage – to obtain a contract that supposes the supply of bread and other bakery products of Aiud and Alba-Iulia.

We intend to expand the productive activity in the field of confectionery.

We believe that this business has real chances of success because there is a growing demand for the products we will offer, the geographical position provides a broad supply of raw materials and there are high selling possibilities because of the relatively limited network of products in the area.


Business description


Business description

We propose that after obtaining the contract:

  • To increase bread production to meet the desired needs
  • Let us create a stable clientele
  • Achieve a capacity utilization rate of 75%
  • We achieve a monthly turnover of about 10,000 lei and a gross profit of 3,500 lei

Starting with the second year of the contract, we propose:

  • To increase the volume of activity reaching a degree of utilization of the production capacity of 95%
  • We achieve a turnover of about 14,000 lei and a gross profit of 4,500 lei per month.

In the second phase of the project, starting with the third year, we plan to expand the business by setting up a pastry shop. This stage is to be analyzed according to the volume of the accumulations achieved in the first stage.

Market definition


The clientele we target is divided into 2 categories:
A. the old customers of the existing bakery, due to the strategic position of the bakery and the high quality of the products as well as the attraction of new customers;
B. tourists and other people who become customers of the pastry;
The patisserie will earn sales revenues of about 500 lei / day.
Brutaria gets revenues of 1,500 lei / day from the sale of bakery products. Bakery works throughout the year.


Products and services

Products and services

The main product to be offered is bread. Another product that can be offered is whole bread. As a by-product, pastries will be obtained.
The current prices for these products are as follows:
– white bread …………………… .. 2 lei / pcs
– buns …………………………. 1 lei / pcs
– whole bread ……………… .. 4 lei / pcs
– franzela ………………………. 3 lei / pcs
– peas bread ……………… 6 lei / pcs
– cheese pie ……………. 3 lei / pcs
– strudel ………………………… 3 lei / pcs
– cozonac ……………………… .. 20 lei / pcs
– cornulet ……………………… 30 lei / kg
– pretzels ………………………… 1.5 lei / pcs
– pates ………………………… 30 lei / kg
– sales ………………………… 35 lei / kg.
It is important for our products to sell safely that they have good bakery properties, the flour used to have a low percentage of ash (to be white) and to be kept in proper humidity conditions.
Since bread is a basic food product, it is assumed that in the future consumption will not decrease, on the contrary, it will increase, as population growth and diversification of bakery production.
The services provided will consist in the production and delivery of the products requested by the customer in the quantity and quality desired by the customer.
As the product sale will be mainly provided to tourists in the camp, we do not consider a broad promotion campaign necessary. As far as the pastry site is concerned, we believe it has a pretty good look and is quite well known, so there is no need for additional advertising. We believe that the best form of advertising will be to ensure a superior quality of the products marketed and to maintain prompt delivery of delivery services.

The production cycle consists of the following stages:

  • purchase of white flour;
  • purchase of rye flour;
  • purchase of yeast;
  • dough preparation;
  • baking bread;
  • packing in rye bread bags;
  • Packaging in plastic bags of the rest of the products;
  • delivery.

The flour stock required to ensure the production rhythm will have to cover the production capacity for 10 days is 40 t flour.

The delivery is done by our company with the help of 2 cars.

The equipment required to make bread is made up of:
– a mixer;
– oven;
– conveyor belt;
– table;
– Scale.

Organization of the company and its management


Organization of the company and its management

The company will be led by the two associates and a manager.
Associates will coordinate the entire activity, engage and control the staff, deal directly with production issues, and contracting for supply and sales.
The administrator will keep the accounting records and supervise the acquisition and sales activity. For this position, a person who has the qualification of accountant and experience in the field has been employed.
Employee staff consists of 4 bakeries, 2 sellers, 2 drivers, 1 accountant.
The staff will be selected, trained and tested at the workplace. Everyone will have a separate work contract with each.

To download the full material, please access the link below:

Model business plan Bakery company

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