Can You Have A Prosperous Business In Video Industry?

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 Being an increasingly accessible area by both entrepreneurs at the beginning of the road and by the experienced ones, opening a videochat studio in Bucharest and not only involves buying more than a laptop and a webcam. For such a business to thrive, investments can reach huge sums. Still, it seems that Bashir Quanadilo, owner of Glamor Studio studios, has managed to uncover the key to success in this niche.


“In video chat, it’s very important how you treat your employees”

"In video chat, it

Bashir Quanadilo is the owner of one of the most prosperous businesses in the controversial video chat industry. The brand that it represents, Glamor Studio, is notorious because the business is among the few in the niche that works legally, and most of the girls looking for a job in videochat go to Glamor because they find a series of facilities that go even beyond the financial side. “In videochat it is very important how you treat your employees,” says the owner of this studio.

“Most girls who engage with us after crossing the threshold of other studios choose us because they are treated seriously here and their rights as employees are respected. If you leave the premise that the girls coming to work in your videochat studio are women whose morals are doubtful, then you start off with the wrong foot. If you, as a business owner, do not know the audience you are addressing, if you do not know the motivations for which the girls want such a job, then you should probably reprofile yourself to another field. Contrary to opinions, not everyone can own a videochat studio. “

The experience of this entrepreneur led him to open a new studio, besides the Unirii-Izvor area. The new location is located next to the Vitan Mall, it has a more generous and better organized space and offers many model facilities.

Bashir Quanadilo said he was actively involved in the studio’s design process, appealing to the services and products of the most prestigious furniture designers: “Having money does not always make you a good entrepreneur. What is even more important is knowing what to do with them. As for the new studio, the investments were quite high, but the results speak for themselves. I wanted and I managed to create for future employees a working environment not only pleasant but also original in terms of design. For those who do not know, the decor of the rooms where glamor video chats spend their time online is essential for their success. “

Involvement and the way you work with employees seem to be the ingredients of success in an industry where women are subject to prejudices. And if this is not a generally valid rule, at least it’s how the owner of Glamor Studio has managed to bring her business to the top of the options for young people interested in a job.


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