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Attain Expertise In Playing The Hungry Shark Evolution

hungry shark evolution tips

Earning the expertise to play any game is not something that you do overnight though some of the useful tips can help you learn about it better. You have to put your hands into it and also grow slowly to be able to overcome the lower levels to move onto the higher ones. The Hungry Shark Evolution lives up to it’s name as it helps you evolve from the small, vulnerable Shark trying to stave off it’s predators to the Great White Shark or the ferocious Megalodon.

The basic to playing any game is to have a good collection of the coins and the points that you can gather each day by tapping on the diamond screen and watching the trailers. Tedious though it may be this will help you in reducing the cost of playing the game effectively. There are some awesome in-game app armor that will help you wage better attacks against your enemies.

The basic thrust of the game is that whatever Shark you are playing with, it should devour as much as possible so that it gains in the HP and the stamina. At the end of the level when your Shark has survived all opponents and attained the maximum number of points, there will be a brief Gold Rush that you should take advantage of. In this mode, all the edible items turn into gold and consuming them will earn you some invaluable gems.

Now that you have sufficient resources to unlock the next level of Shark like the Hammerhead, you will do well to make it consume all the small crabs, stingrays, sardines, three sunken objects and also go on a cannibal run of eating twenty enemy sharks. If you are successful in this Mission three, you have 1500 coins more in your kitty.

Pro players usually look forward to playing with the Great White Shark that is the fifth Sark to be unlocked and has some of the most cunning abilities as the game promos themselves declare. One consistent feature of the game is that the bigger the Shark grows, the larger and more difficult it’s enemies become. This means that this Shark has to overcome three submarines and also the mines that are more frequent.

The trick to surviving the submarine is to attack it headlong with the boost. The Mini Subs are powerful and fire Torpedoes that can get you if you are on the side. They make a sonar noise, and so you should be aware if you have one of them in the vicinity of your Shark. Timing plays a crucial role when it comes to the eating of the Mini Sub as you will have to bring your Shark close and in front of the Sub and then boost to eat it.

The Megalodon is, of course, the much talked about Shark that can defeat the Giant Crabs, eat the submarines and is also invincible before the poisonous and the most dangerous fish and also the mines. Speed is crucial when you are playing this unique Shark and so is it’s synchronized movements in and out of the water to devour creatures on land and sea.