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In order to get a loan from the bank, we must be “scanned” by the creditor in order to check our credibility. Banks use the help of the Credit Information Bureau (BIK), which is not very well known among borrowers.

BIK is an office that collects data on the credit history of people who still have unpaid liabilities to other banks and institutions providing cash loans. BIK was created in 1997 to increase the security of banks and reduce credit risk. Thanks to information from BIK, banks are quickly informed about whether the potential lender will be able to repay the loan taken within the prescribed period. It works in a fairly simple way. BIK collects, processes and makes available data on the liabilities of the borrower towards the bank and the history of loan repayment in the past. Each BIK report contains our personal data and detailed information on liabilities, i.e. the date of taking out loans, the loan period, the timely repayment of loan installments, the currency in which the loan was incurred. Each data has points assigned by BIK, and the more points we get, the more reliable we are for the bank.


Repayment of Bills

Repayment of Bills


In BIK, contrary to popular belief, there is no information on arrears in the repayment of bills or loans taken in institutions that are not controlled by BIK. In the Credit Information Bureau, our data is processed from the time the loan is taken up to the time it is repaid. We sign the consent to process our data at the time of signing the contract with the bank. We may not allow our data to be processed in some situations, but even then there are situations in which the bank will receive information about us. Such situations include, for example, arrears in repayment of loan installments in excess of 60 days. If this situation has occurred, for a period of five years, this information is made available to banks without our consent.

For statistical purposes, BIK has the right to process our data for up to twelve years. Banks are very eager to use information about borrowers from BIK, because in our country the number of Poles who are unable to pay their debts in a timely manner is growing. In 2010, over 2 million Poles had unpaid debts to banks and other lending institutions.

If you are a person who did not have major problems with paying the loan, you do not have to worry about it. Even a few-day backlog in the past with the repayment of one of the installments does not create a person from you, which the bank, after receiving the report from BIK, will not give credit. The fact that you often take loans is also irrelevant to the bank. What matters to him mainly is whether you are a solvent person.

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Can You Have A Prosperous Business In Video Industry? Wed, 29 May 2019 11:38:40 +0000


 Being an increasingly accessible area by both entrepreneurs at the beginning of the road and by the experienced ones, opening a videochat studio in Bucharest and not only involves buying more than a laptop and a webcam. For such a business to thrive, investments can reach huge sums. Still, it seems that Bashir Quanadilo, owner of Glamor Studio studios, has managed to uncover the key to success in this niche.


“In video chat, it’s very important how you treat your employees”

"In video chat, it

Bashir Quanadilo is the owner of one of the most prosperous businesses in the controversial video chat industry. The brand that it represents, Glamor Studio, is notorious because the business is among the few in the niche that works legally, and most of the girls looking for a job in videochat go to Glamor because they find a series of facilities that go even beyond the financial side. “In videochat it is very important how you treat your employees,” says the owner of this studio.

“Most girls who engage with us after crossing the threshold of other studios choose us because they are treated seriously here and their rights as employees are respected. If you leave the premise that the girls coming to work in your videochat studio are women whose morals are doubtful, then you start off with the wrong foot. If you, as a business owner, do not know the audience you are addressing, if you do not know the motivations for which the girls want such a job, then you should probably reprofile yourself to another field. Contrary to opinions, not everyone can own a videochat studio. “

The experience of this entrepreneur led him to open a new studio, besides the Unirii-Izvor area. The new location is located next to the Vitan Mall, it has a more generous and better organized space and offers many model facilities.

Bashir Quanadilo said he was actively involved in the studio’s design process, appealing to the services and products of the most prestigious furniture designers: “Having money does not always make you a good entrepreneur. What is even more important is knowing what to do with them. As for the new studio, the investments were quite high, but the results speak for themselves. I wanted and I managed to create for future employees a working environment not only pleasant but also original in terms of design. For those who do not know, the decor of the rooms where glamor video chats spend their time online is essential for their success. “

Involvement and the way you work with employees seem to be the ingredients of success in an industry where women are subject to prejudices. And if this is not a generally valid rule, at least it’s how the owner of Glamor Studio has managed to bring her business to the top of the options for young people interested in a job.


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Business Succession Overview as Step-by-Step Guide Sat, 11 May 2019 11:22:13 +0000



With checklist

What, where, how? – When you start, you can decide everything. You do not necessarily have to start a new business: well-functioning companies outlast generations. Business succession is a serious alternative to start-ups. In our article you will find all the information about company succession as a practical step-by-step guide.

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What, where, how? – When you start, you can decide everything. From product to presentation, from marketing concept to logo you can build your company according to your own ideas. Simple, that’s not to be dismissed, that’s not it. But the effort can be worthwhile: because you have it in your own hands, what you start with your working life. You do not necessarily have to start a new business.

Good running companies outlast generations. Business succession is a serious alternative to start-ups. Especially since the founding generation of the Wirtschaftswunderzeit is currently retiring. About half of the owners hand over their businesses to their own children or other family members. But the other half seek successors among existing employees or external interested parties. If you want to take over an existing business, you should make sure that it suits you. You should not be afraid to keep the proven and at the same time be prepared to innovate the company as you see fit.

Here you will find all the information about company succession as a practical step-by-step guide.

Step 1 – Find companies for a takeover

Step 1 - Find companies for a takeover

First of all, it is about finding a suitable company, which also somewhat corresponds to their own ideas and their own financial resources. Companies looking for a successor can be found mainly on relevant stock exchanges.

In addition, it is worthwhile to keep one’s eyes open in one’s own environment and to get tips from acquaintances, friends or industry colleagues. Other helpers: business mediators (which usually require a commission), advertisements in relevant magazines or relevant journals and online industry magazines.

Step 2 – Test chemistry


Many entrepreneurs are reluctant to put their business in foreign hands and often rate their business far too high. The “chemistry” between donating entrepreneur and successor should be right, because a takeover requires extensive contract negotiations.

Step 3 – Your succession idea & the company: Does it fit together?

Step 3 - Your succession idea & the company: Does it fit together?

Business succession can be very different – in practice, you should therefore clarify some important questions for yourself in advance even if you have a company for the acquisition envisaged.

  • What should stay?
  • What do you want to change?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of a company?

A good help here are the SWOT analysis and possibly also an analysis from the customer’s point of view.

Step 4 – Clarify legal issues

Step 4 - Clarify legal issues

Even before you go into concrete planning and negotiation, it’s time to face the laws and regulations that apply to your business.

  • Is an establishment permit required? For some businesses – for example in the catering trade and in the food industry – special demands apply to a suitable location. He must meet certain structural and hygienic requirements. In case of doubt you have to adjust to conversions. Because at the end there is an acceptance of the business premises or your production company by the responsible authority.
  • Applying for a Business Permit The Chambers of Industry and Commerce check whether you meet the requirements for your takeover and grant the business license. In some cases you need a championship title. Membership of the local Chamber of Crafts is compulsory for craft businesses requiring a license.
  • Commercial Log Gewerbeamt her your occupation logs on.
  • Berufsgenossenschaft Whether with or without employees – membership in a professional association is often compulsory. It is the bearer of your statutory accident insurance, which pays for work and commuting accidents.
  • Industry associations and guilds Association membership already in the start-up phase helps you, because here you will also get legal advice and expert advice.

Step 5 – Make a continuation plan!

Step 5 - Make a continuation plan!

Who wants to continue an existing company as a successor, of course, must meet the same conditions, as someone who founds new. Entrepreneurial planning is not so different from a start-up: comprehensive planning in a continuation plan – the equivalent of the business plan – is definitely necessary.

What is special about creating a continuation plan?

The continuation plan is about describing the business idea in the course of its continuation . It builds on the existing business, the existing customer potential, and (mostly) suppliers and employees. The actual situation must therefore be described as precisely as possible. For a continuation plan, even more detailed facts and figures are expected , since it is possible to derive very clear information from an ongoing business. A deadline for the transfer of the business, the purchase price and the legal form in which the business will continue after the acquisition must also be disclosed. Points such as capital requirements planning, liquidity planning and risk planning are just as necessary here as in a business plan.

Remember to make the most accurate estimation of the financial planning , by when the transfer costs from current operations will have amortized . The market, competitive situation and target group for existing and future intended business areas should be described as precisely as the existing, internal organization and the intended changes.

Step 6 – Review and Evaluate Business & Business

Step 6 - Review and Evaluate Business & Business

As a potential successor you have to “knock off” the existing company. Sales and profits usually show quite well how sustainable and profitable an existing business is. But that alone is usually not enough.

Anyone who wants to reliably estimate the development potential of a business and the response to their own ideas must look a little deeper, deal with customer structures and offerings in the immediate environment and the competitive situation.

It makes sense to have a professional due diligence check performed or performed. In this case, a period and a data room are set up, within which the potential buyer or successor all necessary data are provided. Thus one can estimate the risk of an assumption with due diligence (therefore the term “due diligence” is derived).

In practice, it pays to use specialized consultants and service providers for due diligence. The process of economic valuation of a company is as complex as the design of meaningful contracts for the business succession and should therefore be accompanied by professionals.

Step 7 – Determine the purchase price and financial requirements

Step 7 - Determine the purchase price and financial requirements

After the detailed examination, you can calculate the enterprise value of the business you want to take over. Great care should be taken: the one who wants to sell his company usually wants to get the best possible price. The enterprise value is the basis for the takeover negotiations, which are ultimately also about the purchase price.

With the purchase price, however, the financial needs are not yet covered. In the case of a takeover, so-called handling costs (lawyers, auditors, notaries) are added, and in the transitional period costs for severance pay of terminated employees, capital expenditures and settlement costs (termination of old contracts, etc.) must be calculated.

Even when starting up as part of company succession, it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of individual types of financing . Find out about start-up loans , funding opportunities and guarantees.

Step 8 – training

Step 8 - training

Restructuring of individual areas can be helpful in bringing a breath of fresh air into a company and optimizing profits. Especially long-term entrepreneurs have often become “blinded” here. It is important: What external effect do you want to achieve with your innovations?

For a donor, this is often the most painful part of the transfer: that “his” taken over company suddenly and in one fell swoop has a completely different “face” than the many years or maybe even decades before. Not to be underestimated: Even customers often find it difficult when a company is suddenly “completely different”. The focus should be on the trust of existing customers, which is why it is important to think carefully about how much of the company’s external impact should actually be changed.

In some cases it can be a good approach to run the company to be taken over together with the previous operator: one gets to know the company well, its strengths and weaknesses and the day-to-day business, can “prove” itself and its qualification and a better one Establish contact with the old owner and the employees. This often makes acquisition much easier.

Step 9 – The takeover | With checklist

Step 9 - The takeover | With checklist

The last step on the way to corporate succession is the design of the acquisition agreement, with which you acquire your “new old” company. The content of the contract is essentially determined by which legal form you choose. Before you sign it, you should have completed the following company succession checklist .

Checklist Company Succession


  • You know what you want and have a strategy for takeover negotiations?
  • You have visited the company, talked to the previous owner in person, gave you detailed information about the company, have had preliminary preliminary discussions (personal interviews, company visit, in-depth information in addition to the company profile, discussion of the company’s history)
  • The transfer criteria and your continuation concept stand?
  • All parties involved in the company are informed of the upcoming transfer of business (employees, customers, suppliers)?
  • The financing is secured?
  • You have all powers to continue the operation smoothly after the takeover?
  • You know the contacts of customers, suppliers and business partners?
  • You know all the special contracts and obligations (liabilities, taxes, warranties) you incur with the acquisition?
  • You checked the company’s numbers and did an evaluation of the company?
  • You have all – ex officio – required permits and permissions?


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5 Elements That Help You Find the Perfect Business Idea for You Mon, 29 Apr 2019 11:12:40 +0000


One of the biggest challenges for future entrepreneurs is not only decision-making to launch business, but also choosing the right type of business to get involved with. So, here are five things to keep in mind when assessing different business ideas to see what’s best for you.

Number 1 – Customer . First of all, you need to know and understand your client . You may find it strange to know your client before knowing what kind of business you want to do, but the answer is relatively simple: the customer is the one who defines the business, so there is no business with no customers. If you have a business idea, do not try to develop it around what you think you need or want your clients, because you risk designing your own ideas and needs. You need to learn as much about your potential clients as possible to better meet their needs and expectations.

Number 2 – Passion. Second, you must be passionate about what you are doing. Developing a business involves a lot of work and dedication: in the beginning (this means sometimes the first 2 years) you will get to work 16-18 hours a day to put your business on your feet. You will be constantly in a position to find new ways to improve and grow your business and to persuade others to join you, either as partners, collaborators, employees or customers. If you are not passionate about what you do and do not like your product or business, it will be extremely difficult to invest the time and energy needed to turn it into a successful business.

Number 3 – Competition. Third, you need to know and understand your competition. Every business has competition, whether direct or indirect, so to be successful you have to study your competitors. Competition can be a good source of inspiration and a landmark for your own strategy. In addition, if you do not know your competition and you do not know where it is willing to go to get you out of your market, you risk investing time and resources in a price war where you have minimum chances of winning instead of concentrating on the development of their own business.

Useful tools in this process are the Competitiveness Analysis template and the Competitive Analysis Matrix .

Useful tools in this process are the Competitiveness Analysis template and the Competitive Analysis Matrix .


Number 4 – Cash Flow. Many entrepreneurs are launching in business full of enthusiasm and very good ideas, but they miss out on an aspect that may seem boring at first glance, but which will prove to be essential to the survival / success of the business, namely money. Most focus on financial issues directly related to product / service creation and forget that business financing means marketing costs (marketing investment is higher at the start of the business), staff costs, supplier costs, and other expenses that may seem small ones that are collected separately, such as rent, telephone, internet subscription, etc. A good evidence of cash flow is essential to see if all business costs (both fixed and variable) can be covered from business revenue.

For this, you can use templates such as Start-up Costs and Cash Flow .

Number 5 – You. You are an important resource for your business, so it is important to know, to know your strengths and weaknesses and to know where you are willing to go to make your business a success.

In addition, you must be willing to invest constantly in your entrepreneurial education and learn from both your own experience and the examples provided by others.

No matter what kind of business you want to get involved with, if you go along these 5 elements, your idea will turn into the perfect business idea for you.

For inspiration, visit the Business Ideas section too!

Good luck!


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Business Plan for Bakery Products Business = Business Loans Sat, 27 Apr 2019 11:46:30 +0000


 Synthesis of the business plan


 Synthesis of the business plan


SC xxxxxxx SRL, with a subscribed capital of RON 200 was established in 2009 and is registered in the Trade Register with the number xxxxxxx. The company is based in Ocna-Mures, Mihai Eminescu Street and is owned by 2 associates, each holding 50% of the social parts.

The company has as main object the activity of obtaining bakery products and selling them through its own shops. In the first year of operation, the bakery had the following financial results: an average turnover of 6,000 lei per month, a monthly gross profit of 15%, the liquidity rate is very good. The company has contracted a short-term commercial credit that has been fully repaid in 2011 and currently has no ongoing credit.

To reinvest the profit gained during these 3 years of activity, we intend to develop the company’s business in the field of bakery products.

We are proposing – in the first stage – to obtain a contract that supposes the supply of bread and other bakery products of Aiud and Alba-Iulia.

We intend to expand the productive activity in the field of confectionery.

We believe that this business has real chances of success because there is a growing demand for the products we will offer, the geographical position provides a broad supply of raw materials and there are high selling possibilities because of the relatively limited network of products in the area.


Business description


Business description

We propose that after obtaining the contract:

  • To increase bread production to meet the desired needs
  • Let us create a stable clientele
  • Achieve a capacity utilization rate of 75%
  • We achieve a monthly turnover of about 10,000 lei and a gross profit of 3,500 lei

Starting with the second year of the contract, we propose:

  • To increase the volume of activity reaching a degree of utilization of the production capacity of 95%
  • We achieve a turnover of about 14,000 lei and a gross profit of 4,500 lei per month.

In the second phase of the project, starting with the third year, we plan to expand the business by setting up a pastry shop. This stage is to be analyzed according to the volume of the accumulations achieved in the first stage.

Market definition


The clientele we target is divided into 2 categories:
A. the old customers of the existing bakery, due to the strategic position of the bakery and the high quality of the products as well as the attraction of new customers;
B. tourists and other people who become customers of the pastry;
The patisserie will earn sales revenues of about 500 lei / day.
Brutaria gets revenues of 1,500 lei / day from the sale of bakery products. Bakery works throughout the year.


Products and services

Products and services

The main product to be offered is bread. Another product that can be offered is whole bread. As a by-product, pastries will be obtained.
The current prices for these products are as follows:
– white bread …………………… .. 2 lei / pcs
– buns …………………………. 1 lei / pcs
– whole bread ……………… .. 4 lei / pcs
– franzela ………………………. 3 lei / pcs
– peas bread ……………… 6 lei / pcs
– cheese pie ……………. 3 lei / pcs
– strudel ………………………… 3 lei / pcs
– cozonac ……………………… .. 20 lei / pcs
– cornulet ……………………… 30 lei / kg
– pretzels ………………………… 1.5 lei / pcs
– pates ………………………… 30 lei / kg
– sales ………………………… 35 lei / kg.
It is important for our products to sell safely that they have good bakery properties, the flour used to have a low percentage of ash (to be white) and to be kept in proper humidity conditions.
Since bread is a basic food product, it is assumed that in the future consumption will not decrease, on the contrary, it will increase, as population growth and diversification of bakery production.
The services provided will consist in the production and delivery of the products requested by the customer in the quantity and quality desired by the customer.
As the product sale will be mainly provided to tourists in the camp, we do not consider a broad promotion campaign necessary. As far as the pastry site is concerned, we believe it has a pretty good look and is quite well known, so there is no need for additional advertising. We believe that the best form of advertising will be to ensure a superior quality of the products marketed and to maintain prompt delivery of delivery services.

The production cycle consists of the following stages:

  • purchase of white flour;
  • purchase of rye flour;
  • purchase of yeast;
  • dough preparation;
  • baking bread;
  • packing in rye bread bags;
  • Packaging in plastic bags of the rest of the products;
  • delivery.

The flour stock required to ensure the production rhythm will have to cover the production capacity for 10 days is 40 t flour.

The delivery is done by our company with the help of 2 cars.

The equipment required to make bread is made up of:
– a mixer;
– oven;
– conveyor belt;
– table;
– Scale.

Organization of the company and its management


Organization of the company and its management

The company will be led by the two associates and a manager.
Associates will coordinate the entire activity, engage and control the staff, deal directly with production issues, and contracting for supply and sales.
The administrator will keep the accounting records and supervise the acquisition and sales activity. For this position, a person who has the qualification of accountant and experience in the field has been employed.
Employee staff consists of 4 bakeries, 2 sellers, 2 drivers, 1 accountant.
The staff will be selected, trained and tested at the workplace. Everyone will have a separate work contract with each.

To download the full material, please access the link below:

Model business plan Bakery company

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Credit Card * Credit Online Mon, 08 Apr 2019 11:34:17 +0000



On this page we have collected the best credit card offers for you. The big advantage is that they can be made online in 5 minutes. Almost instantly learn about the decision and get your credit card without providing income certificates.


Passport credit cards with instant decision


 Passport credit cards with instant decision


To obtain the best conditions, we recommend submitting an application at once in two, three banks and comparing the received personal offers.


Today, Tinkoff Bank, Alfa-Bank and Renaissance Credit offer the most interesting and favorable terms for credit cards. Each of their banks has its own advantages and disadvantages, but there are positive points that unite them:

  1. You can apply via the Internet;
  2. the grace (interest-free) period is valid;
  3. no release fee;
  4. income certificate is not required;

Bank “Renaissance Credit” is suitable for those who need a credit card urgently. You make an online application, find out the solution in 5 minutes – and on the same day take your card.

Alfa-Bank has more serious requirements for customers, and the release of “plastic” will take at least 3 days. But here is the longest grace period – as much as 100 days without interest.


Credit card without income certificates


Credit card without income certificates


  Tinkoff Bank Renaissance Credit Alfa Bank
Credit limit Up to 300,000 rubles. Up to 200,000 rubles. Up to 300,000 rubles.
Grace period Up to 55 days Up to 55 days 100 days
Registration and receipt 1-7 days 1 hour 3-5 days
Free edition Yes Yes Yes
Without income certificate Yes Yes Yes
Cashback Yes Yes Not


The lowest interest rate is declared by Tinkoff Bank and Raiffeisen Bank, but it’s not worthwhile to focus on the minimum level. The final percentage is still set individually, it depends on the client, his credit history and the documents provided. To find out your bet, it makes sense to place online applications for credit cards to several banks at once.

Rating of banks with the lowest interest on loans →

For removing cash from a credit card, Tinkoff Bank and Renaissance Credit charge 2.9% of the amount plus 290 rubles. Alfa-Bank takes twice as much, but even when withdrawing cash, it “includes” its 100-day interest-free period.

Apply for a credit card

 Apply for a credit card

Credit card to issue online at the bank Tinkoff

Main advantages:

  • Loan amount up to 300 000 rubles
  • Interest rate from 15% per annum
  • Returns up to 30% points from any purchase
  • Free registration of the card
  • Delivery to anywhere in Russia

Apply for a credit card →

Summary: The key advantage of Tinkoff Bank is that they open cards almost without refusal – even if you have a bad credit history. Another advantage of the bank is the free delivery of the card to your home or office.

Credit cards on the passport in the Bank East

Main advantages:

  • Cash back up to 5%
  • Loan amount from 55,000 to 300,000 rubles
  • Loan term up to 60 months
  • Minimum package of documents (only passport)
  • Online decision making

Apply for a credit card without certificates of income →

Summary: One of the most loyal banks in our rating, for issuing a credit card, only a passport is needed, and the bank also charges interest on the balance of its own funds in the account.

Credit card without certificates of income at Raiffeisen Bank

Main advantages:

  • Leave the application and get approval in 5 minutes without income certificates.
  • A revolving credit limit of up to $ 600,000 is always at hand.
  • Use the card and do not pay interest on debt repayment up to 52 days.
  • Return up to 5% on all purchases.

Apply for a credit card without certificates of income →

Summary: One of the few banks that are willing to issue a credit card without proof of income. The bank also gives you the option to choose the category of increased cashback.

Credit cards without refusal in the bank Renaissance

Main advantages:

  • Card issue and service for free
  • Credit limit up to 200 000 rubles
  • Receipt on the same day
  • Annual card service – 0 rub.

Apply for a credit card without refusal →

Summary: The bank is very loyal to its current and future customers. It does not have the highest credit limit, but free service during the entire card validity period.

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