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In order to get a loan from the bank, we must be “scanned” by the creditor in order to check our credibility. Banks use the help of the Credit Information Bureau (BIK), which is not very well known among borrowers.

BIK is an office that collects data on the credit history of people who still have unpaid liabilities to other banks and institutions providing cash loans. BIK was created in 1997 to increase the security of banks and reduce credit risk. Thanks to information from BIK, banks are quickly informed about whether the potential lender will be able to repay the loan taken within the prescribed period. It works in a fairly simple way. BIK collects, processes and makes available data on the liabilities of the borrower towards the bank and the history of loan repayment in the past. Each BIK report contains our personal data and detailed information on liabilities, i.e. the date of taking out loans, the loan period, the timely repayment of loan installments, the currency in which the loan was incurred. Each data has points assigned by BIK, and the more points we get, the more reliable we are for the bank.


Repayment of Bills

Repayment of Bills


In BIK, contrary to popular belief, there is no information on arrears in the repayment of bills or loans taken in institutions that are not controlled by BIK. In the Credit Information Bureau, our data is processed from the time the loan is taken up to the time it is repaid. We sign the consent to process our data at the time of signing the contract with the bank. We may not allow our data to be processed in some situations, but even then there are situations in which the bank will receive information about us. Such situations include, for example, arrears in repayment of loan installments in excess of 60 days. If this situation has occurred, for a period of five years, this information is made available to banks without our consent.

For statistical purposes, BIK has the right to process our data for up to twelve years. Banks are very eager to use information about borrowers from BIK, because in our country the number of Poles who are unable to pay their debts in a timely manner is growing. In 2010, over 2 million Poles had unpaid debts to banks and other lending institutions.

If you are a person who did not have major problems with paying the loan, you do not have to worry about it. Even a few-day backlog in the past with the repayment of one of the installments does not create a person from you, which the bank, after receiving the report from BIK, will not give credit. The fact that you often take loans is also irrelevant to the bank. What matters to him mainly is whether you are a solvent person.

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